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How to trade/transfer my .lt domain name?
1. Make sure Your .lt registrants site login is active.
You will need Your email address associated with domain (double check in WHOIS), and registrant ID (ask Your registrar for registrant ID if You don't know it)
To update Your e-mail address associated with domain or find out Your registrant ID, please contact Your registrar.
2. Login to .lt registrants site using Your registrant ID and password specified during activation.
If not yet active, activate Your registrant login.
If You do not have or forgot activation code, You can generate new activation code.
3. Once logged in, pick domain name and initiate transfer or trade if it is allowed.
Domain name trade means, that domain name registrant (holder) will be changed.
Domain name transfer means, that domain name registrar (accredited service provider) will be changed.
You'll not be able to initiate domain name trade if last time domain name trade was less than 30 days ago. In this case You have to send last domain transfer agreement between parties to .lt domain administrator in order to enable domain name transfer. You can send documents by fax.: +370 37 300643
4. If You are trading domain, new registrant should contact registrar of his choise to complete domain trade.
Initiated domain name trade must be completed in 7 calendar days. After 7 calendar days You can initiate domain name trade again if You want.
5. If You are transfering domain, contact Your new registrar to complete transfer.
Initiated domain name transfer must be completed in 7 days. After 7 days You can initiate domain name trade again if You want.