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How do I register .lt domain name?
First check if domain is available in official .lt WHOIS. After finding available domain contact with acredited .lt registrar, he will assist you further.
How should I choose .lt registrar?
There is more than one hundred acredited .lt registrars. However, .lt Domain Administrator cannot recommend one registrar over another.
We might offer these advices:
  • Check if registrar provides additional services (if You need any), like web hosting, email servers etc.
  • Compare registration prices, watch out for "hidden" charges (e.g. name servers update should generally be free of charge)
  • Carefully read registrar Terms and Conditions for domain name registration
  • Seek recommendations or referals from friends or business partners
  • You might also be interested in registrar statistics, but remember that bigger does not mean better
How does .lt domain transfer work?
Domain transfers (change of domain registrar only) are free of charge. Should You decide to change Your domain registrar, login to registrants site select domain and specify registrar eligible to transfer domain. Once transfer is initiated, contact Your new registrar - he will be able to transfer domain.
How does .lt domain trade work?
Trade operation is used to transfer the ownership of a domain name from one registrant to another. Trade operation price for new registrant is same as for new domain registration (thought specific registrar might choose different pricing model).
Should You decide to trade Your domain name, login to registrants site select domain and specify new domain registrant (name / organisation and email address). Once trade is initiated, new registrant can contact any registrar and request domain trade operation.
His details (name / organisation and email adress) must match those specified when trade was initiated.
Please note that when domain name is successfully traded, new trade operation cannot be initiated for 30 days.
Can I delete .lt domain name?
Domain can be deleted via Your registrar. After deletion domain enters quarantine (grace period of 30 days), during those only same registrant can register that domain name.
When does the registration period for my .lt domain name expire?
Please check with your registrar to find out when your domain name expires.
The .lt registration period is 1 year, but your registrar might allow prepayment for longer period.
How can I restore .lt domain from quarantine?
Domain name stays in quarantine for 30 days. During that period You can register domain via any acredited .lt registrar. Your name / organisation must of course match those of deleted domain.
Registration from quarantine is priced same as standart registration, however specific registrars might choose different pricing model.
When quarantined domain becomes available for registration?
Domain stays in quarantine for 30 days after it was deleted (if last quarantine is non-working day, period is extended till nearest working day)
Domain becomes available for registration at random day time after quarantine ends
What should I do if domain name I want to register is blocked?
Domain name status "blocked" means, that domain name is assumed to be in conflict with Procedural Regulation of Top-Level .lt Domain and can not be registered.
If You think that blocked domain name does not conflict with Regulation then contact .lt domain administrator and write what domain name You want to apply for.
ATTENTION! Administrator will unblock domain name at random time after receiving information about wanted to register domain name which is blocked, but does not conflict with Regulation. From that moment anyone will be able to request domain name in regular way through chosen accredited registrar.
Can I reserve .lt domain name?
.lt Domain Administrator does not allow domain reservation. Domains are registered on first-come, first-served basis.
However You can register domain name without nameservers.
What is a registrant?
A registrant is the individual or organisation that registers a specific domain name. This person or organisation then has right to trade domain, request domain update or change registrar.
What is a registrar?
Acredited .lt registrar is company or organisation which can register .lt domain name for You. They are responsible for initial domain registration, updates, renewals and act on Your behalf.
Registrar cannot initiate domain trades or transfers, this can only be done by domain registrant.
What lookup services are available for .lt domains?
There are several ways in which you can look up information on .lt domain names.
Web-based WHOIS
Simply open public WHOIS website, for detailed information about registered domain You will have to solve captcha. This method is best suited for detailed information about registered .lt domains, however it should not be used for automated checks.
Text-based WHOIS
Text based WHOIS service (TCP port 43 or server is publicly available. Text based WHOIS provides less information than Web-based WHOIS, however it can be automated. There are strict query limits of up to 100 queries per 30 minutes, once limit is reached IP address is blocked. We recommend using DAS for massive checks.
Domain Availability Service is simple service for massive .lt domains checks, it returns only domain status (e.g. registered, available). It can and should be used for automated checks for up to several dozens of requests per second.
DAS uses TCP port 4343 and is available via, query is formed using template "GET 1.0 domain\n", here domain is the name being queried with the .lt extension, in received response:
  1. ignore lines starting with % (these are comments)
  2. line "Domain: domain", contains domain name which was found in the query (provided query syntax was valid)
  3. line "Status: status", contains domain status, where status is one of available, registered, blocked, reserved, restrictedDisposal, restrictedRights, stopped, pendingCreate, pendingDelete, pendingRelease, outOfService
Using whois application, You can use command line like this:
   whois -h get 1.0
   % .lt registry DAS service
   Status: available
Can registrant show more contact information in public WHOIS?
Domain registrant can connect to .lt registrant site and specify which additional contact details to show in WEB based and text WHOIS.
Additional information can be shown temporarily (e.g. until SSL certificate is issued), later additional contact details can be hidden via .lt registrant site.