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Become accredited .lt registrar
If your company wants to offer .lt domain registration services for clients, company must be accredited. To become accredited .lt domain registrar, please follow the steps below:
You need to specify Your full details and two persons responsible for customer service and authorized to perform procedures. Uppon reviewing application details and Corporate formation documents (step 3), we will contact You via specified email address: make sure they are correct and working when filling in the application form.
3. Provide Corporate Formation Documents
.lt Domain Administrator requires copies of corporate formation documents to verify the legal entity with which .lt Domain Administrator is entering into a contract. The corporate name used must exactly match one specified in application form. Documents can either be scanned and send via email or faxed to us (copies via snail mail are not mandatory).
4. Meet technical requirements
You will have to develop client application that will allow you to interface with the automated .lt registry system (based on EPP). .lt Domain Administrator requires registrars to demonstrate the correct operation of their client application by completing the OT&E certification process without errors.
Documentation and OT&E requirements specification are available trought .lt registry tryout system, access tryout account application and apply for tryout account(s).
5. Sign agreement and make your prepayment
After You will successfuly complete technical requirements, You'll receive "Agreement with the accredited internet service provider" together with advance prepayment instructions. You will need to sign agreement and send it by snail mail to our address.
All new .lt registrars are required to pay advance payment (minimum of 200 (two hundred) domains creation fee), advance is deposited into your registrar account at .lt Domain Administrator before you can start registering and managing .lt domains.
6. Activate .lt domain registrar account
After .lt Domain Administrator will receive signed Agreement with Appendices and advance payment (minimum of 200 (two hundred) domains creation fee), .lt domain registrar activation codes together with the activation instructions will be send to Registrar.