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Reliability and security of DNS service

How DNS service works and ensures a continuous functioning of the domain name system.

To make the pages of the websites constantly accessible in the network, it is very important to ensure the functioning of the Domain Name System (DNS). DNS service allows reaching the websites and receiving other services in the network using domain names. Thus, thanks to DNS, you can perform search without the need to memorise difficult IP addresses, because DNS links IP addresses with domain names.

More information on DNS and why the correctness of DNS entries is important is available here:

Insurance of DNS reliability and security

.lt registry is responsible for the uninterrupted functioning of .lt DNS.

For this purpose, the investments are made in new equipment and IT innovations, improvement of the employee qualification, solutions increasing the reliability are installed and risks are diversified. A complex distributed infrastructure is created for .lt DNS service. DNS servers servicing .lt second level domains are located not only in the data centres of various Lithuanian cities, but also in different countries of the world.

Monitoring of the systems functioning and close cooperation with the institutions ensuring cyber security and law enforcement enable an expeditious response to the possible incidents.

DNS servers

How DNS works and why is it important?

DNS servers servicing a domain contain specification of the servers servicing a website, e-shop, email, etc. These services can be provided in one and several servers, for example, website is in one server, e-shop in another and email is serviced by the third server used for this function specifically.

In order for this system to work constantly, it needs a secure and uninterrupted functioning of DNS. If DNS functioning is unreliable, IP addresses of the service servers become unknown and services stop functioning, for example, we cannot open a website, receive emails, and other electronic services are not functioning well. Sometimes the loading of websites becomes slower or it takes too long to reach the website from the countries of faraway regions due to DNS malfunctions. DNS functioning can be disturbed by cyber criminals who aim to route the users to the false e-shops or e-banking systems. Therefore, DNS service is important in terms of reliability, speed and security.

Information on the functioning of DNS is available here:

DNSSEC for an increased security

DNSSEC technology can be used for an increased protection from the falsification of DNS inquiries; it allows a reliable identification of DNS inquiries and replies. DNSSEC uses digital signatures to avoid possible vulnerabilities of DNS security when attempts are made to falsify the distribution of the internet address. .lt second level domain names protected by DNSSEC cryptographic signature are used for the information systems that require security.