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.LT registry has updated website

The Internet Service Centre DOMREG at Kaunas University of Technology has updated its website The updated website is more convenient for the visitors, provides more information and better representation of .lt domain and the registry’s activities.

The updates of the website focused on preparation of the information relevant to different target audiences: people who want to have a domain, domain holders, registrars and others. For this purpose, the structure of frequently asked questions (FAQ) is used to explain complicated issues in a simple question – answer manner.

The website provides the “Guide for domain registration and website creation” that will be particularly useful to the persons looking for the information on the creation of websites, blogs or e-shops. The guide contains brief descriptions of the key steps starting with selection of domain name and registrar and finishing with creation, maintenance and safety issues in websites.

The updated website provides a more attractive presentation of the Lithuanian and foreign accredited registrars providing the services of creation of .LT domain name and other technical services. Besides the search of domain name in WHOIS database and services for domain holders, the website plans to provide a detailed presentation of other services offered by .LT registry: domain’s registry lock, search for domain name according to the label and provision of information to the third parties.

People who are interested in .LT domain can learn the history of the Internet Service Centre DOMREG at Kaunas University of Technology, its activities and work in the international Internet self-regulation and coordination organisations. Various aspects of real-time .LT domain’s statistics will be interesting to the analysts and related specialists as well as the media; and the latest trends in the domains market will be reflected in the “Domain market brief”.

Besides the content, the website’s updates focused on its unique design and application for mobile devices – tablets and smartphones. Creation of the visual identify of .LT domain includes the elements of the sun cross – Baltic ethno-cultural symbol – reminding of the Baltic origin of the Lithuanian people and emphasising our ethnic uniqueness.

Published 2018-12-03