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The number of .lt domains has increased

The Internet Service Centre DOMREG at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) informs that the number of .lt domains increased by 2.65% and reached 192 855 in 2018. 35 044 new .lt domains were created in 2018, but 29 568 .lt domains were deleted by their holders.

According to the Head of KTU Internet Service Centre DOMREG Daiva Tamulionienė, .lt domain has remained the most popular among the Lithuanian registrants over the years. The growth of the Lithuanian domain is equal to the average growth of mature and almost saturated domain markets of the Western European countries with well-developed IT infrastructure.

Daiva Tamulionienė, DOMREG

Daiva Tamulionienė, Head of KTU Internet Service Centre DOMREG

“A gradual increase of the number of .lt domains each year indicates that Lithuanians give priority to the national domain identifying their country that is most often used for the development of the Lithuanian internet – emails, blogs, websites, e-shops, as well as various projects. I think one of the most important reasons for choosing .lt domain is fact that internet users already have a habit of entering .lt part of the name in the browser’s location bar without even thinking about it”, – says D. Tamulionienė.

According to her, a sufficiently large numbers of the new domains registered each year are caused not only by active start-ups and newly established businesses, but also by some economic realities and political decisions. Even though a larger percentage of the domains – 112 106 – are owned by companies or other legal entities, natural persons are not far behind; they registered 80 749 domains for personal blogs or small businesses.

“In the beginning of the last year we witnessed the registration boom of the domains related to the cryptocurrencies; at the end of the year when the Government authorised the use of cannabis (hemp) for medicinal purposes, there were many registrations of the domains related to hemp. Even though the law legalising the use of hemp for medicinal purposes comes into force only in May, internet users did not waste time and already registered the most attractive internet names.

These trends are also noticed in business when domain is registered before the company’s registration in the Register of Legal Entities. It indicates that a good domain name, as well as a trademark, can be an important part of the successful business and people think ahead”, – explains D. Tamulionienė.

Aiming to help the users to make less mistakes during the registration of domain, avoid violation of other rights and facilitate better use of the internet, KTU Internet Service Centre DOMREG updated and expanded its website, and published the “Guide for domain registration and website creation”. The guide contains brief descriptions of the key steps starting with selection of domain name and registrar, and finishing with creation, maintenance and safety issues in websites.

“We have noticed that sometimes the users create a domain and do not use it, therefore, after a while, the unused domains are not renewed and deleted. Apparently, some users think that the process of creation of the website is too complicated or they do not know that it is possible to maintain a website without any help of the programmer. IT sector is well-advanced, there are many user-friendly tools allowing to create a website or even e-shop without much effort”, – states D. Tamulionienė.

Currently, the procedural services for .lt domain are provided by 66 Lithuanian and 55 foreign registrars. KTU Internet Service Centre DOMREG is .lt registry; its key tasks are the management of .lt domain infrastructure and insurance of uninterrupted, stable and safe functioning of the domain name system (DNS) online.

Published 2019-01-17