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Is it possible to reserve a domain name?

Reservation of the domain name is not possible at the person’s request. Domains are created under the principle “First come, first served”. Date and time of the domain’s creation is the only criterion determining the priority right to use the domain name specified in the application. You need to remember that the above-mentioned principle is applied for processing of the applications, but it is not absolute, because it does not exempt the registrant from the obligation of honest behaviour (for example, not to use the domain name containing the label that is equivalent or confusingly similar to the brand, name of the legal entity, author’s work registered by another person, etc.) and does not justify any violations of the law.

You only acquire the rights to the domain name after you register it. You are not obliged to use the created domain or registered domain name. Thus, to ensure the priority right simply create the domain, however, while doing so, avoid the violation of the rights of other persons.