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What is IDN domain name?

IDN (Internationalized Domain Names) domain name is a domain name adapted for a multilingual environment providing possibilities to use specific letters. For example, Lithuanian ą, č, ę, ė, į, š, ų, ū, ž can be used in the second level domain names in .lt domain besides the 26 standard letters of the Latin alphabet. Some other top-level domains allow the use of Cyrillic, Chinese, Arabic characters, etc.

For the purposes of proper functioning of the system of domain names, IDN domain names are converted. The key form is considered the one with a prefix “xn–”.

For example, converted domain name xn– is equivalent to the domain name lietuvių.lt. It is easy to note that in terms of the uniqueness of the domain name, xn– (i.e. lietuvių.lt) does not preclude the possibility to create the domain with “incorrectly spelled” name Therefore, it is recommended to have both options simultaneously.