Check .lt domain

What to do if your preferred domain name is blocked?

Domain name is public by nature. Therefore, labels (words, their stems or compounds) are blocked, if they are completely inappropriate for public use. It means the domain which name contains a blocked label, cannot be created.

List of blocked labels is made and amended by the administrator of .lt domain – it is important for the administrator to make sure the domain name does not contain the labels or compounds thereof unacceptable for public use. This provision is related to the prestige of the entire .lt domain, as well as business reputation of the administrator of .lt domain. List of blocked labels is not published and distributed publicly, since these labels are not appropriate for public use.

List of blocked labels is the basis for an automated search of requests. If you choose a domain name containing a blocked label, you receive a system message “Domain name […] is blocked” with an appropriate status mark. However, if you think that a specific label is blocked by mistake, apply to the administrator of .lt domain and submit your motives.

Administrator of .lt domain removes the block if your request is justified and that domain name starts circulating freely within 24 hours. Domain with available name can be created under the general procedure by any person who submits a domain’s creation application via the servicing registrar.