Check .lt domain

How to create a domain?

Information on domains is available here.

1. Decide on the domain name.

Domain name can contain the standard Latin characters, numbers and hyphen (-s). The shortest domain name, not including its suffix “.lt”, can have two characters, the longest one – 63 characters. Hyphen cannot be used in the beginning and ending of the domain name, as well as in the third and fourth position, unless it is IDN domain name with a specialised prefix “xn–".

Information on IDN domain name is available here.

When making an “incorrectly spelled” domain name (without Lithuanian letters), it is recommended to choose a corresponding IDN domain name with specific Lithuanian letters. And vice versa. If you have both options – “incorrectly spelled” and correct one – you can avoid competition with your domain and misunderstandings with the domain held by another person due to the spelling of their names.

Domain name has to be construed in a manner to make it appropriate for publicising in its contextual meaning, not to demean the prestige of .lt domain and business reputation of the administrator of .lt domain.

Making of the domain name cannot violate the rights of other persons, for example, protected labels of the other persons (for example, brands, names of the legal entities or works) cannot be used without authorisation. Remember, you are responsible for the violation of rights while making your domain name.

2. Check if your preferred domain name is available in WHOIS database.

Information on how to find the information on domains is available here.

If it is indicated that your preferred domain name is blocked, but you think it complies with the set requirements, perform the specified actions.

If it is indicated that your preferred domain name is reserved, but you hold a right to this label, send the document proving your right to use the reserved label or the document proving you do not need a permission to use the reserved label to the administrator of .lt domain. More detailed information is available here.

If your preferred domain name complies with the requirements and is available, you can create a domain.

3. Choose an accredited service provider from the list.

List of accredited service providers is available on the website of the administrator of .lt domain

Information on service providers and how to choose one is available here.

4. Contact the chosen service provider and submit your order.

Information on the provisions of domain’s creation offered by the service provider and order submission is available on the service provider’s website. If provisions of the chosen service provider are not comprehensive, not certain or do not satisfy you, choose another service provider better suitable for your needs from the list.