Check .lt domain

Who is a registrar and how to choose one?

Registrar is a person chosen by the registrants, who provides them procedural and related technical services. Only the service providers accredited by the administrator of .lt domain can provide the services related to the creation and management of .lt second level domain to the registrants.

List of accredited service providers is available here.

To choose a service provider:

1. Look through the list of accredited service providers.

The list contains all accredited service providers of .lt domain and links to their websites.

2. Compare the services offered by service providers, conditions of their provision and prices.

Many service providers offer additional services – hosting, server rental, etc. Consider what services and how many of them you need. Volume, conditions and prices of the offered services may vary. Choose the most appropriate service provider.

3. Order domain and other services.

You can replace the accredited service provider servicing your domain at any time via transfer procedure.