Check .lt domain

What is a domain?

Domain is the internet’s administrative unit, i.e., the internet area managed by a specific person, identified by the unique domain name.

Structure of the domains, as well as system of the domain names is hierarchical – each domain of lower level is a component of the corresponding domain of higher level, so-called subdomain.

For example, domain name .lt identifies the top-level domain.

Domain name identifies a second level domain created in .lt top-level domain (i.e., is a subdomain with regards to .lt domain);

Domain name identifies a third level domain created in the second level named, which, in turn, is in .lt top-level domain (i.e., is a subdomain with regards to domain).

And so forth to the lower levels.

Administrator of .lt domain only registers the second level domain names in .lt top-level domain (it would be domain name in the above-mentioned example). Information on them is provided in .lt WHOIS database. Lower level domains are managed by the holders of the hierarchically higher level domains (domain name is registered by the holder of domain in the above-mentioned example).
The uniqueness of the domain names means that the same domain cannot contain two or more subdomains with the equivalent name. Therefore, before the creation of the second level domain, it is required to check if the domain name is available. It should be noted that and are unique domain names, because they are in different top-level level domains.

Domain names are used for addressing. For example, website address or email address is related to the domain named Second level domain name, contrary to the electronic addresses, is always written without the names of protocol (“https://”, etc.) or server (“www.”, etc.).