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How to create a domain during "quarantine"?

Domain name is temporarily stored for 30 calendar days during “quarantine”.

Information on “quarantine” is available here.

During this period, the last domain holder can create a domain with the same name through the intermediary of the selected registrar Customer’s personal name / name has to coincide with the personal name / name of the last domain holder, except for the cases of inheritance or transfer of rights. In these exceptional cases the documents proving the rights (certificate of the right of inheritance, transfer-acceptance act of the rights after reorganisation of the legal entity, etc.) have to be submitted to .lt registry.

If you have a right to create a domain during “quarantine”, select an accredited registrar, make a service contract under the registrar’s set procedure, submit an order and pay for the service under the agreement.

Usually, the price of the domain’s creation during “quarantine” is the same as a regular domain’s creation, but registrars may apply different prices at their own discretion.