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What is the procedure of data publication in WHOIS database?

Information on WHOIS database is available here.

If domain holder is a legal entity – contact information is publicly available in WHOIS database in all cases, however, it is possible to choose for it to be available otherwise.

If “WEB WHOIS only” availability is selected in the settings, contact information is displayed only on the website If “Both WEB and text WHOIS” availability is set, contact information is displayed on the website and available via character user interface for various internet robots or machines performing automated search functions.

If domain holder is a natural person – personal data is not publicly available in WHOIS database, however, it is possible to choose their publishing and availability (as previously indicated).

For this purpose, your account on the website has to be activated.

Information on activation of your account is available here.

If you want to make your personal data publicly available:

  1. Login to your account on the website, by entering the identifiers (domain holder’s ID, i.e. RN[number], and password).
  2. Select menu item “My information”.
  3. At the “Registrant contact information” section click the link “Public shown personal information”.
  4. Select the information to be displayed and its availability in the drop box.
  5. Click the button “Change”.

Domain holder is a natural person who has chosen to publicly announce his/her personal data, simultaneously expresses consent to make these data publicly available in WHOIS database and cannot make claims in this regard. Consent cannot be revoked when domain holder who is a natural person changes settings in the personal account.