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What is "quarantine"?

“Quarantine” means that records of the domain remain in WHOIS database for a set temporary period after the domain deletion.

“Quarantine” is applied if domain is deleted under the servicing registrar’s application or deleted automatically (without an application) after the expiry of the period, if renewal is not performed on time.

Goal of “quarantine” is protection of the domain holder’s interests in case of domain deletion. When domain is deleted by mistake or due to negligence (for example, a failure to renew the period on time), the last domain holder retains his/her right to the registered domain name during “quarantine” period and can create domain with the same name.

Information on how to create a domain during “quarantine” is available here.

With regards to the goal of “quarantine”, the right to create a domain during “quarantine” cannot be provided or transferred to other persons. This right can only be used by the domain holder, his/her successor or transferee of rights (in cases provided by the law).

“Quarantine” begins from the occurrence of the mark “Quarantine” in WHOIS database. “Quarantine” period is 30 calendar days, first day is the day after the marking of the mentioned status in WHOIS database (therefore, the day of the marking is not included in “quarantine” period, even though “quarantine” has already begun). If the period ends not on working day (Saturday, Sunday or holiday), “quarantine” period ends on the next working day. You should consider the performance of actions on the last day of the period – when servicing registrar’s receipt and performance of the order is conditioned by advance payment, the payment has to be performed early for the registrar to make sure it is received until the end of the working day. Therefore, domain’s creation on the last day of “quarantine” period is related to certain risks.