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How to trade your rights to domain to another person?

Trade is a generic concept including any transactions that involve agreements changing the domain holder (registrant) at the agreed will of the parties. Purchase, exchange, donation, depositing of assets as proprietary contribution to the legal entity’s nominal capital and other transactions are classified as trade.

For this purpose, your account on the website has to be activated.

Information on activation of your account is available here.

If you want to transfer your rights to domain to another person:

  1. Make a trade agreement with the gaining registrant.
  2. Login to your account on the website, by entering the identifiers (registrant’s ID and password). 2.1. Select menu item “My domains”.
    2.2. Mark the domain which rights you want to trade in the section “Initialize”.
    2.3. Click the button “Initialize trade”.
    2.4. Indicate the domain gaining registrant’s data in the opened window:
    2.4.1. Select whether gaining registrant type is a natural person or legal entity in the drop box;
    2.4.2. Enter gaining registrant full name, surname or legal entity’s name (when completing the trade procedure, these data have to coincide with the data provided by the gaining registrant’s servicing registrar);
    2.4.3. Enter gaining registrant’s full email address;
    2.4.4. Mark, if you want the gaining registrant to be notified about the initiation by email; 2.4.5. Click the button “Initialize trade”.
    2.5. If procedure is initiated, the gaining registrant’s name is indicated next to the selected domain in the section “Initiated transfer”. Also, it is confirmed by the following message: Domain [domain name].lt can be traded to registrant [gaining registrant’s name] using [gaining registrant’s email address] email. To complete procedure [gaining registrant’s name] must contact his chosen registrar and order domain trade.
  3. Notify the gaining registrant about the initiated procedure so that his/her selected registrar would complete the procedure within 7 calendar days. When procedure is completed, a new domain holder (registrant) is displayed in WHOIS database.

If trade procedure is not completed within the specified period, you can initiate it again, as previously specified.

Notes: Trade is not allowed within the period of 30 calendar days from the domain’s creation, or from the last trade, or from the domain’s creating during “quarantine”. In such case, you have to wait until the end of the specified period or apply to .lt registry with a request to quicken the procedure’s admissibility due to essential reasons, and state these reasons. In case a domain name is on the list of the reserved labels, the acquirer has to submit a permission to use the reserved label to .lt registry before the trade procedure.