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How to extend the duration of the rights to domain (renewal)?

Procedure can be performed during the period from the registration of domain name until the domain’s deletion. This procedure is performed by the servicing registrar under the agreement with domain holder.

If you want to renewal and extend the period, apply to the servicing registrar and specify the requested duration of renewal in years (1-5 years).

Procedure of renewal is completed when the specified end of the period changes in WHOIS database. If the period in WHOIS database remains unchanged, even though you submitted your renewal application and paid for the renewal, apply to the servicing registrar.

Registrars' prices for renewal may vary. If you are not satisfied with price or services of the servicing registrar, transfer your registrar (until the end of the current period) and order the renewal afterwards.

Information on replacement of your servicing registrar is available here.

Duration of the rights to domain is influenced by the transfer procedure and domain creation during “quarantine” period – in these cases the period is restarted after completion of these procedures.

It should be noted that .lt registry does not notify domain holders on the end of the current period. Therefore, it is recommended not to forget to order the renewal on time or agree with the servicing registrar regarding the setting of the automatic renewal.