Check .lt domain

How to activate your account?

To activate your account, you need to know domain holder’s (registrant’s) email related to the domain, and domain holder’s (registrant’s) ID. This information is provided to you by email during the first registration of the domain, or it is provided by the servicing registrar. If registrar avoids or refuses to provide them, apply to .lt registry (as explained here).

If you want to change domain holder’s email address related to the domain, apply to the servicing registrar.

To active your account:

  1. Enter registrant ID, i.e. RN[number], email and generated confirmation code from the picture in the appropriate fields on the webpage and click the button “Send activation information”.
  2. If you entered correct data, you receive the following message: “Registrant RN[number] account activation information sent by email [email address]. You receive a confirmation by the specified email with individually generated link; open the link and click the button “Login”. Your account on the website is activated.

Please note that individually generated link sent by email is one-off, i.e., you can only open it and login once. If you click the same link for the second time, you will receive a message that login code is not valid. In such case, repeat the account activation procedure.