Check .lt domain

What are possible consequences of the domain's deletion?

When you create a website or e-shop you probably aim for it to be frequently visited and visible in the market. A website developed for many years has a big flow of users, high rating in search systems (for example, Google, Yahoo, etc.) and significant number of links collected from other websites. After deletion domain, you lose this flow of visitors, because the website is not active anymore.

Domain is used for the website and for the email. If you use email boxes with the name of your domain, these email addresses are known to other persons (clients, business partners, etc.) and can be included in the address books of your acquaintances. Moreover, you could announce your email address in publicly available catalogues, inquiries or accounts. If you delete the domain, you will not receive the letters addressed to the email related to that domain.

After deletion of the domain, domain with an identical name can be created and used by other persons. Therefore, one of the risks related to domain deletion is the registration of the domain with the same name later and its illegal use for fraud, manipulation, optimisation for search systems (SEO) and other purposes using the website that used to be yours. Sometimes criminals not only create the website with the same domain name, but also use the same email addresses as the ones you had.