Check .lt domain

In which cases the emails are forwarded to domain holders?

As a general rule, natural person’s data are not published in WHOIS database (unless you chose to make it publicly available, as explained here. However, interested persons have to be provided a possibility to contact a specific domain holder, for example, regarding the violation of their legitimate interests.

When domain holder is a natural person whose personal data is not published, interested person can perform search in WHOIS database and write an email for the domain holder which will be forwarded to the addressee systematically (the sender will not see the addressee’s email). After receipt of such email, the domain holder has to reply or otherwise directly contact the sender within 15 calendar days at the latest. If you fail to reply to the forwarded email within the specified period, the interested person acquires the right to submit a request for a disclosure of the domain holder’s personal data sufficient for submission of the legal requirement.

If a forwarded email is not unrelated to violation of the rights and has characteristics of direct marketing or spam, notify .lt registry about it.