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How to become an accredited registrar?

To offer your registrant the services of the creation of .lt domains and other procedural services, you have to become an accredited registrar.

First of all, carefully read the procedural regulation for the .lt top-level domain , appendix to the procedural regulation for the .lt top-level domain and standard accreditation agreement .

1. Submit an application and required documents
If you decide to become an accredited registrar and think that you meet the applied requirements, fill in the application form for accreditation. The information provided in the application has to be correct and complete. For example, name of the legal entity has to be completely the same as the name specified in the documents. Submit the documents required for accreditation (certificate of the accreditation applicant in the .lt top-level domain ; legal entity – extract from the register or copy of the registration certificate; natural person – copy of the registration of self-employment and personal identity document). Scanned copies of the documents can be submitted by email. After review of the application and submitted documents, we will contact you by the email specified in the application regarding the further actions.

2. Test the compatibility of your software
You will have to install software for the performance of procedures in the automated Domains Administration System (DAS) via EPP interface. Therefore, the persons willing to get accreditation are required to inspect and evaluate the functioning of their installed software via Operational Test and Evaluation (OT&E) process. Testing instruction and DAS description are provided in DAS prototype.

To login to DAS prototype and perform OT&E, fill in two application forms for accreditation in DAS prototype . Perform the testing and inform .lt registry on the successful result by email .lt registry will check the testing actions performed in DAS prototype and evaluate your preparedness for work with DAS.

Attention! .lt domain registry does not provide the software for the performing of procedures in DAS via EPP interface; it only describes the use of DAS via EPP interface. You are responsible for creation or acquisition of the required software.

3. Complete the accreditation procedure
If testing of the installed software is successful, we will send you an accreditation agreement for signing and instructions for advance payment. Send a signed accreditation agreement (2 copies) by mail to the address shown in the footer. One copy of the accreditation agreement signed by us will be returned. Newly accredited registrar has to pay an advance payment (minimum of 200 (two hundred) domains creation fee). When advance payment is received and registered in the registrar’s account in DAS (i.e., Domains Administration System), codes for the access to the Domains Administration System and activation instructions are provided. When access is activated, newly accredited registrar is provided with a possibility to create .lt domains and provide other procedural services.