Check .lt domain

How to get the information on domains?

Domain names can be checked in WHOIS database on the website If process automation is required, it is possible to use EPP or DAS protocol and text mode. The volume of the information may vary depending on the chosen method.

EPP protocol

All accredited registrars have a possibility to use EPP protocol for the automated receipt of the information on domains and its integration in their systems. EPP protocol is secure and flexible method to receive the register’s data; it is used in majority of domain registers.

DAS protocol

DAS (Domain Availability Service) is used for frequent checking of the domain status. DAS server responds to the inquiries providing only the domain status (for example, “Available”, “Registered”, “Quarantine”, etc.). It is recommended to use this method for automated checks sending up to several dozens of inquiries per second.

DAS is linked to TCP port 4343 and accessible by the address The inquiry is submitted in the format “get 1.0 domain\n”, where domain is a full domain name with the ending .lt, and DAS response includes:

  1. Comments provided in the lines beginning with %;

  2. Domain name found in the search provided in the line “Domain: domenas” (if it was syntactically correct);

  3. One of domain’s statuses – available, registered, blocked, reserved, restrictedDisposal, restrictedRights, stopped, pendingCreate, pendingDelete, pendingRelease, outOfService – is provided in the line “Status: statusas”.

For example, if you submit an inquiry whois -h get 1.0, you receive the following answer:

  % .lt registry DAS service
  Status: available

Text mode

WHOIS database is publicly available in text mode (TCP port 43, server This method provides less information than provided in the website. This method is better suitable for automated checks, but the number of inquiries is limited by 100 inquiries per 30 minutes. If you surpass this limit, IP address is automatically blocked.