Check .lt domain

What information has to be published on the website?

.lt registry is particularly focused on the notification of registrants, because provision of the administration, procedural and technical services related to the creation and/or management of domains has many peculiarities. On the other hand, in terms of notification, the procedural regulation for the .lt top-level domain (hereinafter – Regulation) does not contain any new or unexpected provisions; it merely specifies and adapts the current requirements of the legislation. It contains the requirements of the legislation regarding the identification and publication of contact data (for example, Article 2.44 of the Civil Code, Article 6 part 1 of the Law on information society services , Paragraph 8 of the Procedure for the control of the information that should not be disseminated through the computer network and for the distribution of restricted public information approved by the Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania No. 290 of 5 March 2003). General rule established by Article 6.719 part 1 of the Civil Code: „Before making the service contract, the service provider has to provide the customer a detailed information related to the nature of the provided services, conditions of their provision, price for the services, terms for service provision, possible consequences and other information that impacts the customer’s decision to make a contract". It should be noted that this obligation is valid while providing services to customer as well as business entity. Special requirements for the provision of the information related to the personal data processing are established by the Regulation of the European Parliament and Council (EU) 2016 / 679 “On protection of individuals with regard to processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/45/EC” of 27 April 2016 (General regulation on data protection).

What should be published?

The information to be published:
• Link to the Regulation published on the website of .lt registry. The registrant has to have a possibility to get acquainted with the content of the Regulation, also, to confirm the obligation to apply the Regulation (Paragraphs P-47, P-28.4 of Appendix “Registrars” to the Regulation);
• The registrar’s identification data according to the applied legislation (Paragraph P-47.1 of Appendix “Registrars” to the Regulation), including contacts. According to Article 6 part 1 of the Law on information society services, registrars have to publish the following information: name (name and surname, if registrar is a natural person), office address (address of the place of residence, if registrar is a natural person), contact details for maintenance of contact, including email address, register that collects and stores the data of the registrar, registration number or similar identification tool in that register (if registrar is a legal entity) or number of the registration certificate for self-employment activities (if registrar is a natural person), added value payer code (if registrar is a payer of this tax);
• Information on domains and procedures (Paragraphs P-47.2–P-47.4 of Appendix “Registrars” to the Regulation). Clarification of the general procedure for domain creation, requirements for domain name, permitted procedures and conditions of their implementation, validity terms for the right to the registered domain name meets the requirements of Article 6.719 part 1 of the Civil Code;
• Procedure and prices of service provision (Paragraph P-47.5 of Appendix “Registrars” to the Regulation). Publication of this information meets the requirements of Article 6.719 part 1 of the Civil Code;
• Information on data processing (Paragraph P-47.6 of Appendix “Registrars” to the Regulation). Registrars function as .lt registry’s authorised data processors in as much as the registrants' personal data is processed in DAS (i.e., Data Administration System). Therefore, registrant has to be informed that by creating a domain, he/she also expresses a will to receive the registry’s services and thus, his/her data is provided and processed in DAS under the procedure established in the privacy policy of .lt domain (website can provide a link to this document). On the other hand, while processing the registrants' personal data in their information systems, registrars function as independent data controllers. In such a case, the information specified in Article 13 of the General Regulation on Data Protection has to be provided to the registrant - natural person, for example, registrar has to publish his/her privacy policy on the website. It should be noted that additional information requirements are applied when making the contracts on remote services with customers (for example, Article 6.228-7 of the Civil Code).
Before a registrant submits an order, specific conditions of the procedure initiated or ordered by him/her have to be explained to the registrant (Paragraph P-48 of Appendix “Registrars” to the Regulation). This requirement has to be met with regard to the provisions of Article 9 of the Law on information society services.
To confirm the status, .lt registry offers the registrars to use the registered trademark “Accredited Registrar” free of charge by putting it undistorted on their website.

How to publish?

With regard to the previously mentioned provisions of the legislations, these are the essential requirements for information publishing:
• Permanence, for example, publishing of information on the representative website;
• Easy accessibility, for example, publishing of information on the title page of the website avoiding a too-long scrolling down;
• Legibility, for example, publishing of information in easily legible font (i.e., common characters, at least 12 pt.) in a contrast background;
• Clarity, i.e., publication of information in understandable language, plainly and unequivocally.