Check .lt domain

What actions are taken in case of suspicion of the false domain holder or incorrect data?

In case of suspicion of the false domain holder or incorrect data (which sometimes is obvious from the data and sometimes notified by the state authorities or other persons), .lt registry begins by applying to the registrar requesting to submit the proof of the registrant’s personal identity – copy of the service agreement or the order, copy of the personal ID documents, copy of the payment document, etc. If the documents proving the registrant’s personal identity are not submitted, .lt registry send an inquiry to the domain holder’s email specified in his/her DAS (i.e., Domain Administration System) account. If domain holder fails to confirm the correctness of the data or to respond to the inquiry within 7 calendar days, suspension procedure is applied to his/her domain. In urgent cases, suspension procedure may be applied immediately, in case of suspicion of the false domain holder or incorrect data if the use of the services related to that domain (for example, website) for the activities prohibited by the law / harmful in terms of cyber security is noticed.

It is a mistake to think that nothing relates .lt second level domain holder and .lt registry, because leaving of the entries in WHOIS database is classified as services of the registry provided to the domain holder (paragraph 3.2 of the procedural regulation for the .lt top-level domain). Therefore, domain holder cannot ignore the inquiries regarding the confirmation of the correctness of data sent by .lt registry (data controller).

When suspension procedure is applied, domain’s accessibility is temporarily restricted; the procedures of transfer and domain trade are not performed. If the actions for the termination of the suspension are not performed within 30 calendar days from the beginning of the suspension, the domain is deleted.