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How to terminate the activities of the registrar?

If you have decided to terminate the activities of the registrar (for example, to liquidate a legal entity, unregister the self-employment activities, stop providing procedural services, etc.), you have to begin by notifying the serviced domain holders to choose another registrar. Then, settle with .lt registry and terminate your accreditation agreement.

If you have decided to reorganise your business and transfer the rights and obligations of the registrar to another person who will continue the provision of procedural services, notify the serviced domain holders. The transferee of rights, who want to continue the registrar’s activities after the reorganisation, has to provide .lt registry with the documents proving the fact of the transfer of assets, rights and obligations as well as the right transferee’s compliance with the requirements for the registrars (copies/extracts of the confirmed reorganisation provisions, transfer-acceptance documents, etc.).

If .lt registry receives the information that a registrar has become insolvent, is the subject of restructuring or bankruptcy proceedings, the accreditation agreement with the registrar is terminated and his/her serviced domain holders are encouraged to transfer their registrar.