Check .lt domain

Why is it important to check the identity of domain holders?

Provision of the incorrect data in DAS (i.e., Domain Administration System) is unacceptable, because it is harmful to the entire .lt domain, giving a false idea that it is possible to have a second level domain anonymously or using fictional personal name. Such opinion is damaging to the reputation of .lt domain and is harmful to the interests of .lt registry, registrars and honest domain holders.

When a registrant gets acquainted with the regulation and other documents of .lt domain and expresses a will to create a domain, the registrar has to make sure if the registrant is an actually existing natural person or legal entity able to acquire rights and obligations on his/her behalf. The most effective method to make sure that a registrant’s personal name is authentic is the requirement to pay for services personally (not anonymously) from the personal bank account. Moreover, other authorisation tools can also be used, for example, to accept the order signed electronically, if a registrant plans to pay in the manner allowing for his/her personality to remain unidentified according to the payment documents. If there is no possibility to check the registrant’s personal identity in the above mentioned methods, the registrar has to demand from the registrant to submit a personal ID document.

It should be noted that registrars are legally responsible for the correctness of the data of their serviced registrants. There were cases in the case-law when a registrar was included as a defendant in the case regarding the violation of civil rights, because a domain holder appeared to be a non-existent person.

Information on the actions to be taken in case of suspicion of the false domain holder is available here.