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What accreditation requirements are applied to the registrars?

Accredited registrars have to comply with the organisational, technical and financial requirements stipulated by the Appendix “Registrars” to the Procedural Regulation of the .lt Domain which are applied to both the accreditation applicant and the registrant during the entire accreditation period.

Organisational requirements

• The registrar can be a legal entity with a legal capacity of providing procedural and related technical services to customers, or a capable natural person who has registered individual activities of this kind carried out in Lithuania under the procedure set out by regulatory legislation.
• The registrar must have sufficient human resources to ensure proper customer service and procedures.
• The registrar must ensure that the data provided by the registrar in the DAS are always correct.

Technical requirements

• The registrar must have a functioning website for the information of customers. The information required to be published on the website is specified here.
• The registrar must have the technical capacities to carry out procedural and related technical services properly.

Financial requirements

• The registrar must have sufficient financial resources to fulfil its monetary obligations.
• The accreditation applicant has to pay the registry an advance payment in the amount of 200 domain creation fees before the accreditation procedure is carried out, and the registrar has to pay the same amount in case of a violation of the payment procedure within 7 calendar days of the registry’s request; the conditions for the use of this payment are defined in the accreditation agreement.