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What accreditation requirements are applied to the registrars?

Accredited registrars have to meet the organisational, technical and financial requirements stipulated in appendix “Registrars” to the procedural regulation for the .lt top-level domain; these requirements are applied during the entire period of accreditation.

Organisational requirements

• Registrar can be a legal entity possessing legal capacity to provide procedural and related technical services to the registrants or a natural person possessing legal capacity who is registered and self-employed for such activities in Lithuania under the procedure established by the framework legislation.
• Registrar has to have at least two assigned employees responsible for servicing of registrants and performance of procedures (in case of the registered and self-employed registrar, responsible persons are the natural person performing activities and his/her employed person).

Technical requirements

The registrar has to:
• Have a functioning website for information and servicing of registrants. For the information that has to be published on your website, read here.
• Have a primary DNS server managed by him/her; its accessibility is at least 95% of the time in any thirty-day period;
• Have a secondary DNS server managed by him/her or use the DNS server of .lt registry for this purpose (in such a case, the primary DNS server has to be configured to allow the secondary DNS server to download its records on domains);
• Guarantee the compliance of the configuration of DNS servers to the technical standards established in the internet self-regulatory documents;
• Guarantee that DNS servers, used as primary or secondary, do not service the recursive inquiries.

Financial requirements

The registrar has to have sufficient financial possibilities to fulfil the monetary obligations. The person willing to be accredited has to pay the advance payment in the amount of the remunerations for the creation of 200 domains before the performance of the accreditation procedure. Conditions of the use of this amount are stipulated in the accreditation agreement. If a registrar violates the payment procedure, this amount has to be paid within 7 calendar days after the request of .lt registry.