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Why is it important to make sure that personal data is properly protected?

Provision and processing of the registrant’s data in DAS (i. e., Domain Administration System) is a prerequisite for creation or acquisition and management of .lt second level domain. Data processing in DAS cannot be suspended or terminated until .lt second level domain that belongs to the domain holder exists and data retention period has not ended. It also provides an obligation to guarantee data protection.

Expanding market of the information society services and increasing number of threats prompts the priority focus on data protection. Illegal transfer of data or making them defective can make an enormous damage. Therefore, processed data has to be protected against leaks, damage, modification, etc. using organisational and technical tools, as well as ensuring data recovery after the incidents.

The registrar acts as data processor while providing and processing the data of the serviced registrants in DAS. In this case, .lt registry is data controller, because DAS belongs to the registry. On the other hand, the registrar processes the data of the serviced registrants in his/her own information system for the purposes of the implementation of contracts / orders. In this case, the registrar personally acts as data controller.

The registrar, acting as data controller, has to follow the privacy policy of .lt domain approved by .lt registry (data controller) and other instructions of .lt registry with regard to the personal data processing. General provisions of data processing are laid out in the appendix to the accreditation agreement.

The registrar, acting as data controller, established his/her own privacy policy complying with the legislation regulating data protection. In this case, the organisational and technical tools for protection of the data processed in the registrar’s information system are chosen by the registrar responsible for data protection.