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The winner of the most beautiful Lithuanian domain name – jūrė.lt

This year, domain jūrė.lt collected the most votes of the web surfers and won the competition of the most beautiful Lithuanian domain name. The domain burtažodž was the second and š – the third in the competition. The organisers of the competition selected twelve domains which names have specific letters of the Lithuanian alphabet: ą, č, ę, ė, į, š, ų, ū, ž.

The head of the Localisation Section at the Lithuanian Computer Society, researcher of the Institute of Data Science and Digital Technologies at Vilnius University dr. Gintautas Grigas claims that the use of specific Lithuanian letters in the domain names provides more convenient access to the Lithuanian websites because each year, the number of Lithuanians who write domain names in the browser’s address line, TXT messages on their mobile telephones, emails on their computers and comments in the web portals and social networks correctly is increasing.

“Even though the incorrect spelling (replacing the Lithuanian letters with the Latin ones) is widespread online, we can notice the positive changes as more people use correct spelling. I think it is influenced by the provided opportunities to use the Lithuanian letters in computers and smart devices more conveniently. That is why most of the emails are written correctly while a decade ago, it was vice versa – most of the people used to send the incorrectly spelled emails”, - remembers G. Grigas.


To promote the use of the correct Lithuanian language online, change the users’ habits of the incorrect writing, draw attention to the technical possibilities of the use of the native language in the domain names, the Lithuanian Computer Society initiated the competition of the most beautiful Lithuanian domain name in 2014. The idea was supported by Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), the State Commission of the Lithuanian Language (VLKK), the association INFOBALT uniting the information technology and communication enterprises.

Each year, the names of the operating websites are selected from all the registered .lt domain names with specific Lithuanian letters. The evaluation includes the domain name’s correctness, sound, meaning, how well the domain name reflects the content of the website.

This year, the organisers of the competition selected the following twelve domain names for the voting of the web surfers: auksinėžuvelė.lt, begalybėsš, burtažodž, jūrė.lt, klajojanč, nepaleisksvajonė, nešiukšlė.lt, neužmirš, š, š, šeimosužraš, š

The winners of the most beautiful Lithuanian domain name of previous years: voveraitė.lt – 2015, viš – 2016, ilgasū – 2017, š – 2018, už – 2019, sukįkaimą.lt – 2020.

Prepared according to the press release of the Lithuanian Computer Society
Published 2020-04-08